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  • Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much

    The Boy Who Knew Too Much
    Mika: The Boy Who Knew Too Much

    I was a bit worried when a young artist releases a really wonderful first album. Is that all there is going to be? Is that as good as it gets? Mika once again proves how bloody talented he is. This is a far more lush and darker album. I absolutely love it! Cannot wait to see the boy in action in November 2009!!!! (*****)

  • Mika - We Are Golden

    We Are Golden
    Mika: We Are Golden

    I am loving this! To say nothing of the film clip ;-). The Boy strikes again. I love it! Cannot wait until the album comes out. Only a few more sleeps now!! (*****)

  • Sia - Some People Have Real Problems

    Some People Have Real Problems
    Sia: Some People Have Real Problems

    F*cking Awesome. (*****)

  • Michael Jackson - Number Ones

    Number Ones
    Michael Jackson: Number Ones

    This one was brought the day he died. The kids have not let me play anything else in the car ever since. Dear God, as much as I love MJ, please let me play another album one day soon?!?!? (*****)

  • Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller (CD+DVD)

    Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller (CD+DVD)
    Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller (CD+DVD)

    Yeah yeah yeah, I know... Excellent version of Beat It featuring Fergie (*****)

  • Michael Jackson - Dangerous

    Michael Jackson: Dangerous

    Gotta Love it. Great Album!! (*****)

  • Icehouse - Measure for Measure

    Measure for Measure
    Icehouse: Measure for Measure

    Saw the ballet of Boxes which Iva Davies scored. It had the wonderful "No Promises" song. I am loving this album all over again, having just got it on CD. Sort of a Down Under answer to the great Bowie (*****)

  • Tim Finn - The Conversation

    The Conversation
    Tim Finn: The Conversation

    This is such a lovely album. I never realised how distinctive Eddie Raynor's piano playing is, and how much it can lift Tim Finn's music. Beautiful, balanced, thoughtful, totally immersing - just as a good conversation should be! Love ya Tim. (*****)

  • Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - Raising Sand

    Raising Sand
    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss: Raising Sand

    Sublime. Although T Bone needs to get some more producing tricks up his sleeve, he can turn anyone into a Patsy Cline clone. Not that this is a bad thing..... Really nice album, but no real surprises. (****)

  • Robert Plant - The Honeydrippers, Vol. 1

    The Honeydrippers, Vol. 1
    Robert Plant: The Honeydrippers, Vol. 1

    Robert Plant strikes again. God how I adore 'Sea of Love'. It was playing in Myers today, and I started to sing along. Ya just cannot help it! Lovely (*****)

  • Yo Yo MA Edgar Myer Mark O' Connor - Appalachian Journey

    Appalachian Journey
    Yo Yo MA Edgar Myer Mark O' Connor: Appalachian Journey

    I got this one as I love Appalachian music, and Alison Krauss features on some of the tracks. Yo Yo rulz the cello!!! (*****)

  • Vol. 2-Countdown One Hit Wonders
    : Vol. 2-Countdown One Hit Wonders

    Boo Yeah! Great selection from in some cases, truly forgettable artists. Mind you, I do NOT agree with groups like DEVO being lumped in as a 'one hit wonder'... (****)
  • Watch Me Disappear
    Augie March: Watch Me Disappear

    Haven't yet finished this but am very EXCITED. Very Finn sounding.... (****)
  • P!ink: Funhouse
    I really like P!nk's music. I particularly love the filmclip to "So What". Gotta love a girl that can take the p!ss outta herself. (*****)
  • Laura Marling -

    Laura Marling: Alas I Cannot Swim
    I SO love this album. Really unique. Despite being compared with Duffy and Colbie, I think she maintains her uniqueness and I think is a step up from the rest. I actually paid for a hard copy of this, as I think it's in line with Laura's philosophy of maintaining that intimacy with the recording artist.... Thank you to 666 ABC radio Canberra for turning me onto this artist! (*****)

  • David Bowie -

    David Bowie: Best of Bowie
    Ah now, what can you say about the man who has been part of your musical life for, like, forever. Sigh. He's always had it, has still got it and always will! (*****)

  • Colbie Caillat -

    Colbie Caillat: Coco
    Really nice album. Gracie in particular likes this. This just shows you how bizarre my taste is in music. One minute it's the Cavester, then Colbie Caillat. Very easy listening without being like the rest of them there young Americans... (*****)

  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Dig Lazurus Dig
    The Cavester returns. Only he now sounds a little bit like a cross between Tom Waites and Johnny Cash. Not at all a bad mix, just a bit disconcerting. But Nick, like the rest of us is getting on. No longer the skinny teenager scaring the hell out of the mundanes with the Birthday Party... Heh, now those were the days
  • Soundtrack -

    Soundtrack: Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Deluxe - Complete Edition
    Despite people hanging sh*t on the very idea of Hollywood making this version, Johnny Depp carries off the title role quite impressively thank you very much. It's a very different interpretation, and Sondheim has really, really knuckled down on the singers as far as following the highly syncopated melody lines. This is an incredibly hard musical score and the cast are to be commended on how well they handle it, particularly those actors not known for their singing. (*****)

  • Mika -

    Mika: Life In Cartoon Motion
    Gotta LOVE this guy. Freddie Mercury will never be gone while Mika lives! Fanastic voice. (*****)

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Well said! I found you after watching and Googling. You've said everything I feel, with more guts than me. Onya.


You said it, cuz. However, living in the USA for so long, I'm aware of how mercury added in huge quantities (dangerous to adults) to kids vaccinations over here contributes to the cause of Autism. I'm talking families with four kids who all have Autism, and a mother of twins - one healthy, one autistic who all had the same vaccinations, but something went wrong.

I like the odd bit of homeopathy, but I'm not stupid when an infection or virus requires the big guns. Thank god the Aussies have more common sense than some I could name.


Annie Morris

Dear Mare,

Orac sorts out the Mercury debate here: (you'll have to do a cut and paste). There are many other articles and studies that point out mercury or thimerosal (ethyl mercury) isn't linked to Autism. It hasn't even been used since 2002, and rates of Austism diagnosis hasn't slowed down in the least.

Parents with autistic children, or those on the Autism Spectrum (holds up hand), would love to know the truth. What caused it? What can 'cure' it? Did I do something wrong? Should I not have had that epidural? Should I not have had my child vaccinated? Will this diet work?

You go mad trying to work out WHY. You grieve for your child's loss of opportunity, of what they could have been....

Bleeeaaaarg. End of rantie poos.

Love Ya!

When are you guys coming to Oz? Inquiring minds want to know 8-)


We'll be out around xmas to see the folks and hang out in Sydney for a little bit. Then We're coming back out for Worldcon in Melbourne next year. :-D

I know a heartbreaking case of a writer mother with twin girls: they were both fine up until they had their course of juvenile vaccinations. Lively, active, intelligent. Then they got vaccinated. Lyla is autistic and has not spoken since, but sometimes her behaviour scares her mum something fierce. Grace is the elder and is going to college. Cornelia has written about her journey with an autistic child, and a broken marriage over it to boot. It was in answer to this that comments were posted about other families that were heartbreakingly worse.

Sometimes it just comes down to chemical receptors at that age and genetics. One of the reasons that Bob and I are not having kids is the autism risk factor. There's the aberration that my mum warned me about years ago that runs in the Beattie side of the family and how it skips a generation. Bob is borderline ADHD and I'm dyslexic: we didn't want to play with fire. So we play with other people's kids and cats and then give them back. Meanwhile, we morally support our friends whose kids have disabilities the best way we can.

If I can find the link to Cornelia's article, I'll pass it along.
Hugs and love,

Annie Morris


What abberration that runs in the Beattie family? Don't say there's even more genetic goodies? Bad enough we have a very strong link of autism on the Price side (straight down the males).

I never knew that's why you decided against kids 8-(

I also didn't know that you are dyslexic... Kiddo, we've got to talk more!

Love you

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